Serving communities with a superior product helping to achieve GREEN standards
and building energy efficient homes.

Use Navajo FlexCrete for your LEED project!

Upcoming Projects

40 Unit Build in New Mexico by Navajo FlexCrete
Sipaulovi Gas Station, Hopi

Native American Housing

40 Unit Build in New Mexico by Navajo FlexCrete
40 Unit – Navajo, NM
NHA Homes - Chichiltah Project by Navajo FlexCrete
NHA Homes – Chichiltah
NHA Homes - Crownpoint NM Project by Navajo FlexCrete
NHA Homes – Crownpoint NM
NHA Homes - Iyanbito Project by Navajo FlexCrete
NHA Homes – Iyanbito, NM
Santo Domingo Housing Authority
Santo Domingo Housing Authority



Steve Youngblood - Colorodo SpringsColorodo Springs
Steve Youngblood - 2 Durango ColoradoDurango Colorado


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